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  • Parking Guidance System

    Nextwave offers many solution for parking guidance system, which help drivers finding their park easily and give the management well control and accurate statistic data.

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  • Parking Management System

    Nextwave offers many solution for parking management system, which help you manage your customers in a more genuine way.

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  • Parking & Traffic Accessories

    Global Companies invent and produce new technologies for Parking and Traffic Requirements of accessories...

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1.Indoor/Outdoor Parking Guidance System

Parking Guidance System Parking Guidance System guides driver to the first available parking space. No more circling aisles or aimlessly guessing which structure has an available space. Accurate space availability is broadcast to drivers on signs from as far out as the free-way, guiding them to the structure, level, and aisle with available space, ultimately highlighting open spots with a green light illuminated above the parking bay. The applications for parking guidance are endless, whether you are an airport trying to maximize occupancy, a university looking to reduce carbon emissions, or a mall looking to minimize the time shoppers spend in the parking lot so you can maximize their time in the stores.

Parking Guidance System For Outdoor parking Guidance System, Collect parking status information by installing wireless ultrasonic detector or wireless magnetic detector at every parking lot, and show available lots on wireless led display to achieve parking guidance function.
When the parking lot is occupied by vehicles, wireless sensors, collect the status information and transmit the message to the relevant wireless controller via RF signal. Then will send the feedback to the wireless central controller to make data processing then sends the processed parking space data to every LED guide screen in the outdoor car park, so as to guide the vehicles to enter the available parking space.

2.Car Finder System

Parking Guidance System The system has two function: Car finding and parking guidance. It is to install video detector at every parking space to detect the vehicles and collect parking information and license plat Number. Then the multi-video processor which has license plate recognition function will process the data and transmit to other components. The car owner can easily get the car location by input the plate number or time of entry.
Parking management could benefit from the system by getting statistically reports help them to improve the security environment and manage the parking in a better way.


1.Barriers Gates

Parking Management System

Next Wave suggests new ideas and products based on the demands of the market and the latest technology. Give your parking facility its own unique mark. Customize parking barriers in your corporate colors, select between parking barriers with standard booms, illuminated booms or jointed barrier arms and provide easy access for users with a stoplight effect. Available in different size and large variety of options.

2.Chain Barriers

Parking Management System

The Stopper Chain Barrier Operator System is easy to install. connect the chain between the two units, the chain will be lowered or rise using common accessories.This system handles opening over 60 feet (20M max).

3.Counter System

Parking Management System

Next Wave offers many System for cars counting that can be used in multiple fields, as vehicle speed and weight, and manage the parking by calculate the occupied lots and send data to the display to show the available parking lot. system can be be installed on certain road to make survey to conduct a specific studies for development.

4.Card Reader

Parking Management System

Next Wave offers a complete range of access control solutions from simple stand-alone card readers to programmable and on line systems. Standard card readers utilize proximity card reading technology for ease of use and security. Readers with ranges up to 5 Meters are available to offer hands free operation.

5.Paid Parking system/ Pay On Foot Machine

Parking Management System

In today’s high-tech world, we search a product line that gives us a rare commodity. A System that works, Next Wave deliver proven solutions that are virtually problem free, such as Pay on Foot machines and parking cashier station, taking the experiences and studies of thousands of successfully installed units all over the world.


Parking Management System
Next Wave offer RFID system consists of an antenna tag (which is an integrated circuit containing the information) and a transceiver, which read the radio frequency transmitted by a tag (spotted on a car), and transfer the information to a processing device.
RFID Reader permit Registered cars to enter parking without stopping.


Parking & Traffic Accessories

Global Companies invent and produce new technologies for Parking and Traffic requirements of accessories.In Next wave Technology,we do our best to meet the needs of the market according to modern technology standards.

1.M210 Solar Powered Logging Stud


Nextwave offer Traffic's extensive expertise with a range of technologies including solar power, radio communications and magnetometer based vehicle detection. Provides cost effective traffic volume data whilst eliminating the need for roadside infrastructure.

2.M100 Wireless Vehicle Detection System


Accurate and easy to install vehicle detection system. A cost effective alternative to inductive loops suitable for all signal control systems such as MOVA and SCOOT. The only wireless solution compatible with all traffic signal controllers. When used in conjunction with the M150 MIDAS interface card the system can also be used to replace induction for Highways Agency MIDAS applications.

3.M420 Tube Counter


The M420 utilises high speed data processing capabilities, which means that it is possible to time stamp and record every event that is detected. Therefore there is no need to define prior to the survey what speeds, classes or axle groups the device is recording. In fact even parameters like tube spacing, road layout, and many more can be modified after the survey is completed without the need to repeat the survey.

4.Wireless Vehicle Occupancy Detection System


The wireless occupancy detection system uses embedded in-ground sensors to detect the presence of vehicles parked over them. The system provides an accurate, lower cost and easier to install alternative to other occupancy detection systems.



Nextwave provide LED panel to display different kind of traffic signs according to the need.